We are a family-owned and -operated business that calls Colorado home. Fire Mountain Fruit has been passionately crafting delicious, natural, high-quality fruit products for over 25 years. We choose premium fruit primarily grown by Western Colorado farmers. All of our fruit is carefully selected, hand-cut, and jarred from small batches to retain the best flavor.


Hotchkiss is located on the Western Slope of Colorado and celebrates some of the country’s most ideal growing conditions. We are perfectly nestled in-between the Rocky Mountains and the arid desert to our west. The hot days and the cool nights are Mother Nature’s recipe for some of the sweetest fruit you will ever sink your teeth into. By mid-July our orchards boast some of the juiciest, ripest and aromatic fruits in the world. Here at Fire Mountain Fruit we are not only grateful of our pastoral surroundings, but we make sure to take advantage of this incredible bounty. Our products are brimming with the essence of the landscape: cool mountain water, rich soil, and all made in Colorado.